2nd most visited students to UK are Indians

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Indians visiting the United Kingdom have been ranked as the second in terms of students visiting the country to take up courses in Universities. Taking a look at this, Bharat Suresh Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner said that some people producing fake documents and makes it harder for the genuine visitors.

Indian StudentsAfter taking up the new role, Joshi said on his first press conference that they are a very open country and they want Indians to visit the country to travel, to work and to study in UK. However, he added that equally they need to protect their borders when there is an immigration risk and unfortunately, as more minority of people who try to abuse the immigration control, for example, by producing forged papers, make it difficult for genuine visitors.

But he clarified that the number of rejected visas were not significant as 9 out of 10 Indians who have applied have been granted those visas.

Observing that the relationship between UK and India was ‘extremely strong’, he said that in the education sector there were numerous partnerships between both the countries.

Earlier this month, the British Prime Minister visited India and assured the Indian Students that they are always welcome to study in UK and that there is no cap on the number of student intakes from India.

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