To improve the economy of the Australia, immigration is one of the factors

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australia-immigration-from-indiaAustralia has set standards for the Best Education, Live style and good income source for the immigrants.

Immigrants have always been the in the priority list for the Australian government since they are one of the factors of the source to intensify the economy of the country.

Based on the previous analysis and statistics on immigrants, Australia regime is planning to increase the permanent residency immigrants in the next forty years. Strategy around long-term planning, increase the skilled immigrants, concentrating on the infrastructure development.

The report and suggestions realized by the (Ceda) The Committee for Economic Development of Australia confirms that, has to be some amendments to make in the migration program of Australia to assure one of the best programs for the aspirants in the world, the statics report of immigrants shows that record increase in the candidates to the Australia from 2014 -2016. Ceda is pretty sure that the number would increase to 400,000  by 2050 benefiting the economy of the country.

The chief executive of Ceda Stephen Martin said; no bias in the treatment of both Temporary and Permanent immigrants because of this country continues to get benefit with economic improvement.

Some suggestions made by the Stephen Martin

  • Suggested the swift model find out the shortages in occupations related to 457 visas.
  • Changes in working holiday visa program to attract low skilled- workers.
  • To enhance the support in recognition of foreign qualifications and access to the English language programs.
  • Martin said that the increase in intake of potential Immigrants to the country would be one the crucial decision that improves the economy of the Australia

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