Step by step process how to get PR to Australia.

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Step-by-step-process-how-to-get-PR-to-AustraliaAustralia PR also formally called Australia Permanent Residency. Citizens who emigrate from one country to another can work and live under this permit called PR.

The Candidate holding PR can take advantages of some privileges.

PR holder whenever intend to travel internationally and return to Australia, just enough to ensure they hold a valid PR visa.

A permanent resident has all the rights except voting and applying for government jobs. However, they are eligible for these rights too once they receive their citizenship.

Now let’s discuss few significant points how to get PR to Australia.

  • At first to we need to meet certain criteria set by the Australia immigration system to get Australia PR. These are the steps we should following when we are applying for Australia PR.
  • Know all the type of visa categories that get you the Australia PR  like subclass visa 189, 190, etc. Know all the points criteria for your profile that makes to reach based on the factors like Education, Age, your work experience, Language proficiency.
  • Make sure you get ready with the documents and certificates required for the process requested by the immigration system for the online base system, your IELTS evaluation, and certification should be done by the authorized body.
  • We should nominate an occupation from CSOL or SOL.CSOL standards for Consolidated Sponsored Occupation ListSOL standards for Skilled Occupation ListBoth these list consists of demand skilled occupations in the Australia
  • Now it’s time to apply for an online EOI ( Expression of Interest), where we need to update all our necessary information such as Age, Qualification, working Experience, IELTS Score etc.
  • This is the final and game changing time of the process if your profile is picked by the Australia Immigration system or employers, you will get an Invitation from Australia to apply for the PR Visa within 60 days on the same along with the health and character certificates, once everything is done you will get an Australia PR visa in three to six months

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